BME Completes Internship Program for Balochistan Graduates, Promotes Gender Diversity

Khuzdar, Bolan Mining Enterprises (BME), a joint venture between Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) and the Government of Balochistan, has concluded an 8-week internship program aimed at developing local talent and advancing gender inclusivity in the mining sector. The program included 25 graduates, featuring seven women, a first for the initiative.

According to Pakistan Petroleum Limited, the ceremony took place at BME's facility in Khuzdar, with PPL’s Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Sikandar Ali Memon, delivering remarks on the commitment to nurturing young talent and promoting diverse participation in the mineral sector. The event featured the distribution of certificates to interns from various fields such as engineering, geology, and management sciences.

Starting on March 8, the internship provided participants with hands-on experience and insights into the operational aspects of BME, particularly in the extraction and processing of barytes. This initiative not only equipped the interns with essential skills and knowledge but also highlighted BME’s role in fostering professional growth and enhancing the capabilities of Balochistan's youth.

The program is seen as a significant step towards enriching the local workforce and contributing positively to the traditionally male-dominated mining industry.