CDA to Hike Building Control Fees in Islamabad Starting Next Fiscal Year

Islamabad, The Capital Development Authority (CDA) is poised to increase fees associated with building control regulations starting the next fiscal year, an adjustment that reflects its ongoing efforts to enhance urban management and governance in the capital.

According to Zameen.Com, a news source reported that the decision was made during a recent meeting chaired by CDA Chairman Muhammad Ali Randhawa. Starting July 1, 2024, the CDA Building Control Directorate will adjust charges such as scrutiny fees, fines for unauthorized constructions, and setback charges. Additionally, fees concerning land use alterations and adjustments in floor area ratio (FAR), which have not been updated since 2017, will also see revisions.

This updated fee structure aims to ensure more effective regulation of construction activities within Islamabad, particularly in Zones II, IV, and V. The changes are designed to facilitate a smoother transition by maintaining current charges until the end of June 2024.