Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Inaugurates Central Park in Lahore, Showcasing Eco-Friendly Initiatives

Lahore, In a significant step towards promoting environmental sustainability, Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif inaugurated the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) Avenue-I Central Park on Monday. The park spans 87 kanals and is designed to enhance the eco-friendliness of Lahore, especially within the LDA Avenue-I Society.

According to Zameen.Com, the new park is a key component of Lahore’s initiative to transform into a leading eco-friendly residential area. The park features a variety of amenities including a jogging track, children's play area, an open gym, and a badminton court. It also houses a cafeteria, a mosque, and a beautifully designed rose garden. The installation of solar street lights and the introduction of designated vending points are part of the efforts to reduce the environmental footprint of the community.

During the inauguration, CM Maryam toured the facility and was briefed on the park's environmental protection and beautification efforts. She also visited the newly designed vending carts that offer fresh fruits and vegetables to park-goers. Additionally, CM Maryam reviewed the upgrades made to the LDA enforcement squad, presenting them with new uniforms, equipment, and machinery, along with the keys to new bikes, enhancing their capability to maintain the park and enforce local regulations.

The park also includes innovative features such as facilities for rainwater harvesting and cycling paths to promote sustainable practices among residents. A model cemetery is another significant addition, showcasing advanced planning and community services.