Descon Oxychem Ltd Achieves 10 Million Safe Hours Milestone in Karachi

Karachi, Descon Oxychem Ltd, a leading chemical company, has achieved a significant safety milestone by completing 10 million safe hours from December 2008 to November 2023. This accomplishment highlights the company's unwavering commitment to safety and business excellence.

According to Descon Oxychem Limited, the milestone is a result of the company's proactive approach to safety, including rigorous training programs and the implementation of effective safety practices. Descon Oxychem's leadership team, recognizing this achievement, is now focused on future objectives, aiming to increase efficiencies and diversify its business portfolio.

Mohsin Zia, a representative of the company, commented on this significant achievement. He expressed enthusiasm about reaching 10 million safe hours, emphasizing it as a reflection of the company's dedication to safety excellence and the hard work of the entire team. Zia also shared the company's commitment to improving operational efficiencies and expanding the business portfolio.

Descon Oxychem's dedication to maintaining high safety standards is a core aspect of its vision. The company looks forward to building on this success, aiming to achieve even more man-hours safely and with an increased spirit of motivation.