Exchange Rates Fluctuate Slightly in Pakistan, Reflecting Minor Adjustments in Forex Market

Islamabad, The foreign exchange rates for the US dollar, Euro, British pound, Japanese yen, UAE dirham, and Saudi riyal showed minor fluctuations over the past two days, As per the latest figures released by the Exchange Companies Association of Pakistan. The data indicates a slight adjustment in the forex market, with minimal changes observed in the buying and selling rates of these currencies.

According to Exchange Companies Association of Pakistan, the US dollar's buying rate was recorded at 279.65 Pakistani rupees on February 23, dipping marginally to 279.62 on February 24. The selling rate also saw a slight decrease from 282.24 to 282.23 rupees. Similarly, the Euro and the British pound experienced minor adjustments in their rates, with the Euro's buying rate moving from 301.16 to 301.04 rupees and the GBP from 352.10 to 352.64 rupees over the same period.

The Japanese yen, UAE dirham, and Saudi riyal maintained stable rates with negligible variations in their buying and selling prices. The press release did not provide the interbank rates for February 24, suggesting no significant changes in the market.

The Exchange Companies Association of Pakistan released these figures through an email channel, offering a snapshot of the current forex market trends in Pakistan. These slight adjustments in the exchange rates are reflective of the ongoing economic dynamics and trading activities in the country's foreign exchange market.