FESCO Clarifies Pro-Rata Billing System Amidst Overbilling Concerns

Faisalabad: The Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) has defended its Pro-Rata billing method, utilized across eight districts in its region, amid circulating claims of overbilling. The utility insists that the billing process, which covers 30 or 31 days each month, is both accurate and aligned with governmental directives, primarily aimed at enhancing customer service and billing precision.

According to Faisalabad Electric Supply Company, the Pro-Rata system was implemented following directives from the Ministry of Energy (Power Division) to ensure that each of the 4.8 million domestic consumers is billed based on exactly thirty days of consumption. This approach addresses previous concerns where readings for more than a month’s consumption were mistakenly recorded. "Before Pro-Rata billing, Meter Readers could adjust the billing days while Pro-Rata billing benefits the consumers instead of the Distribution Company," stated a FESCO spokesperson.

The spokesperson further noted that in June, Pro-Rata billing adjustments positively affected approximately 137,000 consumers, saving them a collective one million units of electricity. However, about 14,000 consumers experienced premature Pro-Rata billing due to adjustments over the Eid holidays. In response, FESCO's CEO, Engineer Muhammad Amir, directed initiatives to provide relief to these affected consumers.

Engineer Amir emphasized the company's ongoing commitment to providing uninterrupted power supply and improving customer service, affirming that accurate and fair billing practices will continue to be a priority for FESCO. The utility also highlighted seasonal variations in billing, with protected customers increasing during winter due to lower consumption and decreasing in summer when electricity use rises.