Fire Disrupts Trading at Pakistan Stock Exchange for Two Hours

Karachi: Trading at the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) was temporarily halted today for two hours following a fire incident in a broker's office located within the old building of the exchange. The fire, which did not affect the main PSX building or its critical systems, prompted a swift response to ensure the safety and continuity of market operations.

According to Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited, the fire was contained with minimal damage to property, and the trading systems, servers, and connectivity were not compromised. The incident led to the suspension of trading activities from 10:25 am to 12:25 pm, allowing brokerage firms to switch to their disaster recovery systems and initiate business continuity plans in line with PSX regulations.

The PSX management highlighted their commitment to maintaining robust trading operations and ensuring the safety of all personnel and assets within the exchange. Following the resolution of the situation, trading resumed smoothly for the remainder of the day starting from 12:25 pm.