FPCCI Calls for Immediate Reopening of Chaman Border to Ease Trade Disruptions

Karachi, The Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) has urgently called for the reopening of the Chaman border, which has been closed for the past week, leading to significant disruptions in trade between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Thousands of trucks remain stranded at the border, creating a chaotic situation and causing substantial financial losses for traders.

According to Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry, FPCCI President Mr. Atif Ikram Sheikh highlighted the severity of the closure, describing the situation as vulnerable, uncertain, and hostile. He emphasized that the border's closure not only impacts trade but also hampers the transportation of essential supplies like food and medicine, creating a humanitarian and socioeconomic crisis.

Mr. Sheikh detailed the strategic importance of the Chaman border, situated at a critical point in the region's complex geopolitical landscape. The border has historically served as a vital hub for cross-border trade between the two neighboring countries. However, recurring blockages over the past five years have undermined government authority and contributed to a precarious law and order situation in the area.

The FPCCI chief also pointed out that the routine closures of the border, often instigated by small mobs, smugglers, and outlaws, disrespect the law and inflict significant losses on law-abiding traders on both sides. This situation underscores the challenges faced by the government in maintaining control and ensuring the smooth flow of goods and services.

The frequent closures of the Chaman border carry significant financial, economic, and humanitarian implications, particularly affecting the people of Balochistan and the broader region.