Huawei and Partners Host Second ICT Talent Summit in Bogotá, Focusing on Digital Skills in AI Era

Bogota, the 2nd Latin American and Caribbean ICT Talent Summit, focusing on the role of education and digital skill acquisition in the age of artificial intelligence, concluded successfully in Bogotá. The event attracted around 600 attendees, including educational and industry leaders, government officials, and talented students from various programs across the region.

According to Huawei, the summit, held on December 5th and 6th, was a collaborative effort between UNESCO, Huawei, the Government of Colombia, German Development Cooperation (GIZ), and Agencia EFE. Themed "Delving into Digital Talent Development in the Smart Era," the summit addressed challenges in digital talent development, best practices, policymaking, and efforts to bridge digital skill gaps, particularly in marginalized and rural communities.

The summit highlighted the significant growth potential of the technology industry in Latin America and the Caribbean, as emphasized by Claudia Uribe, director of the UNESCO Regional Multisectoral Office in Santiago. The discussions revolved around the importance of creating innovation ecosystems to facilitate collaboration among entrepreneurs, startups, and established companies.

Andrés Calle, President of the House of Representatives, Congress of Colombia, stressed the need for Colombia to become a leader in digital talent and innovation. Jeff Wang, president of the Public Affairs and Communications Department at Huawei, highlighted the importance of young talent in achieving the company's vision and Huawei's commitment to developing future digital talents.

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of its Seeds for the Future program in the region, Huawei has expanded its influence in Latin America since 2014. The program has awarded approximately 2,100 scholarships for ICT training. Furthermore, Huawei has established partnerships with over 450 local universities and colleges through its Huawei ICT Academy program and has been organizing Global ICT Competitions, with several Latin American student teams reaching the Global Finals in Shenzhen.

The event also marked the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between Huawei and UNESCO, aiming to enhance their cooperation in ICT talent development in Latin America and the Caribbean.