Jubilee Life Insurance Boosts Entrepreneurial Spirit Among Youth with Enterprise Challenge Pakistan

Karachi, In a significant boost to entrepreneurship among Pakistan's youth, Jubilee Life Insurance, the nation's premier private sector insurance company, recently hosted a fundraising dinner for the Enterprise Challenge Pakistan (ECP), a national competition fostering entrepreneurship skills among students aged 14 to 18. The event saw the participation of distinguished guests including Her Excellency Ms. Sarah Mooney, British Deputy High Commissioner; Mr. Will Straw, CEO of Prince’s Trust International; Mr. Syed Usman Qaiser, Head of Marketing and Brand Management at Jubilee Life Insurance; and representatives from SEED Ventures and other organizations at the British Deputy High Commission in Karachi.

According to Jubilee Life Insurance, the gathering aimed to garner support for the ECP program, an initiative by Prince’s Trust International and executed by SEED Ventures since 2016. This program aims to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit among the youth, preparing them to become future job creators. Over the past five years, ECP has engaged over 6,000 individuals from more than 200 schools nationwide, equipping them with critical life skills such as teamwork, problem-solving, and effective communication.

Mr. Javed Ahmed, MD and CEO of Jubilee Life Insurance, highlighted the company's five-year partnership with ECP, emphasizing the potential of empowering young minds through corporate involvement in educational programs. He remarked on the critical role corporations play in shaping the country's future by providing young individuals with tools and opportunities for societal contribution.

Shaista Ayesha, CEO of SEED Ventures, elaborated on the program's mission, describing ECP as a transformative journey for youth to become agents of change. She underscored the importance of corporate support in extending the program's reach to more schools, including those serving underprivileged girls, out-of-school children, and individuals with disabilities.

Will Straw, CEO of Prince’s Trust International, praised the Enterprise Challenge as a global initiative that not only inspires future entrepreneurs but also imparts essential skills crucial for personal and professional development. He expressed gratitude towards Jubilee Life Insurance and other partners for their support, looking forward to expanding the program's impact on youth skills development.

The partnership between Jubilee Life Insurance and SEED Ventures through the ECP aims to significantly extend the program's reach, targeting an inclusion of 2,000 schools and 30,000 young individuals from underprivileged backgrounds across Pakistan over the next five years. This initiative stands as a testament to the collaborative effort towards alleviating socio-economic challenges by empowering the nation's youth and women.