Korangi Industrial Zone Prioritizes Combating Rising Street Crime

Karachi, Amid increasing street crimes, the newly appointed SSP of Korangi, Tawheed Rehman Memon, has declared tackling these offenses as a top priority in the Korangi Industrial Area, a key economic hub of Karachi. This commitment was expressed during a luncheon held in his honor by the Korangi Association of Trade and Industry (KATI), where various security enhancements were discussed including increased police patrols and technological interventions to ensure safety.

According to Korangi Association of Trade and Industry, SSP Memon highlighted the planned collaboration with KATI to curb the crime rate through modern technology and enhanced security measures, especially for foreign investors and local industrialists upon their arrival. KATI President Johar Ali Kandahari emphasized the urgency of addressing the crime spike, noting recent violent incidents against industrialists. He advocated for increased police presence and effective strategies against extortion rackets operating under the guise of labor welfare, which have contributed to a tense security environment affecting business operations. Other KATI officials echoed the necessity for immediate action to restore confidence in the local police and ensure the community’s safety.