KSE-100 Index Sees Significant Gains Amid Market Volatility

Karachi: The KSE-100 index concluded its latest trading session on a strong note, marking a significant uptick with a closing gain of 353 points, settling at 80,566 points despite observed market volatility.

According to AKD Securities Limited, the index opened positively and experienced fluctuations, reaching a session high of 525 points and a low of 20 points. Bollinger Bands indicate that the market is 71.59% wider than usual, suggesting higher volatility compared to the norm. This trend increases the likelihood of the market stabilizing or remaining within this range shortly. Initial support is identified near 80,300 points, with potential drops targeting further support levels at 79,800 and 79,500 points. Resistance levels are set near 80,900 points, potentially stretching up to 81,700 points. Investors are advised to trade cautiously and accumulate near the support zones with defined risks.