Lahore Road Infrastructure Gets PKR 6 Billion Boost

Lahore, Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz has sanctioned a PKR 6 billion development scheme aimed at upgrading the road network in Lahore, focusing on enhancing public amenities and urban planning within the city.

According to Zameen.Com, the project approval occurred during a recent review meeting of the Lahore Development Authority (LDA). This investment is set to transform Lahore's road infrastructure, introducing pedestrian waiting areas, bicycle lanes, and a central recreational zone, alongside accommodating wheel carts and vendor stalls in the urban layout.

Key to this development initiative is the Pilot Development Project in LDA Avenue 1, endorsed by the Chief Minister, aiming to not only improve road functionality but also uplift the city's aesthetic and usability for its citizens.

In parallel, amendments to the existing LDA regulations were discussed to foster a more efficient and responsive governance framework. The meeting highlighted the establishment of a dedicated enforcement unit and an LDA-specific police station to enforce these regulations and maintain order within the jurisdiction.

The commercialization of certain roads in Lahore was also on the agenda, anticipated to potentially accrue PKR 20 billion in revenue. Alongside these fiscal measures, enhancements in citizen services were emphasized, such as offering standardized housing maps and streamlining the construction project approval process, to facilitate better and quicker urban development.