Mian Zahid Hussain Calls for Political Cooperation and Focus on Youth for National Stability

Karachi, In a call for unity and reform, Mian Zahid Hussain, a prominent business leader and former provincial minister, emphasized the necessity of political stability and the critical role of youth in securing Pakistan's future. Addressing the business community on February 28, 2024, Hussain criticized the opposition's reluctance to support the new government, warning of potential political and economic crises if such attitudes persist.

According to Pakistan Businessmen and Intellectuals Forum, Hussain expressed concern over the opposition's failure to play a constructive role, highlighting the importance of avoiding negative politics for personal or party interests. He pointed out the challenges faced by the government in balancing opposition management and economic stability, particularly regarding the International Monetary Fund (IMF) negotiations and the need for Pakistan to become self-reliant.

Hussain also criticized the practice of allocating substantial financial incentives to select groups at the expense of the general populace, advocating for an end to policies that disproportionately burden the poor. He underscored the rise in crime and corruption, linking it to the lack of safety for life, property, and capital.

Highlighting the plight of the youth, Hussain stressed that over 25 million children are not attending school, and the education system fails to provide meaningful opportunities, leaving young people vulnerable to exploitation by criminals and extremists. He argued that diverting the government from necessary reforms for selfish interests serves only to undermine the nation's future.

In closing, Hussain called for a collaborative effort to allow the government to function effectively, emphasizing the need for political stability, economic reform, and prioritizing the welfare and potential of Pakistan's youth as key to the country's progress.