Minor Shifts in Currency Exchange Rates Reported in Pakistan

Karachi, The Exchange Companies Association of Pakistan recently disclosed slight variations in the currency exchange rates over two consecutive days. The detailed comparison highlights minor adjustments in the buying and selling rates for major currencies such as the USD, EURO, GBP, JPY, AED, and SR, with specific figures for 29 and 30 March 2024 provided.

According to Exchange Companies Association of Pakistan, the rates for buying and selling major currencies were as follows: USD was bought at 277.86 and sold at 280.27, EURO was bought at 297.63 and sold at 300.47, and GBP rates were at 348.72 for buying and 351.89 for selling. Similarly, JPY was bought at 1.80 and sold at 1.84, AED at 75.40 and 76.12, and SR at 73.65 and 74.35, respectively. The interbank rates for USD were 277.95 for buying and 278.15 for selling.

On the subsequent day, 30 March, slight rate adjustments were observed: USD buying rate incremented marginally to 277.87 with a selling rate of 280.20, EURO escalated to a buying rate of 298.06 and a selling rate of 300.78, while GBP was bought at 348.78 and sold at 351.90. JPY, AED, and SR rates saw minimal changes, reflecting stability in the currency exchange domain. Notably, the interbank rates for the USD were not reported on this date.

These fluctuations are crucial for stakeholders engaging in foreign exchange and reflect the ongoing economic dynamics within Pakistan's financial market.