Mobilink Bank Launches “Change to Sustain” Initiative with PKR 2.5 Billion Investment in Sustainability

Islamabad, Mobilink Bank has officially launched its "Change to Sustain" sustainability program, marking a significant commitment towards environmental stewardship and operational transformation within the digital financial sector. With an investment of PKR 2.5 billion dedicated to renewable energy financing, the program is set to solarize fifteen of its branches and initiate a nationwide tree plantation drive across its 109 branches. This initiative reflects Mobilink Bank's efforts to promote sustainable business practices and reduce its carbon footprint, reinforcing its leadership in driving positive environmental change in the banking industry.

According to Mobilink Bank, the "Change to Sustain" program is designed to integrate Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles into the bank's operations, focusing on green business practices, climate action, sustainability awareness, women-led climate resilience, access to green financing, and the adoption of renewable energy solutions. Haaris Mahmood Chaudhary, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Mobilink Bank, emphasized the initiative's role in aligning the bank with ESG principles to ensure progress and sustainability go hand in hand. Chaudhary highlighted the bank's commitment to minimizing environmental impact, empowering unbanked populations, catalyzing social change, and supporting small business advancement, particularly those led by women.

Mobilink Bank's dedication to green financing and sustainability is further demonstrated through initiatives like the Women Inspirational Network (WIN) program, empowering borrowers, especially women, to tackle climate challenges. The bank offers accessible green financing solutions, including solar financing, aiming to make sustainability achievable for everyone. Through these efforts, Mobilink Bank positions itself as a leader in promoting environmental sustainability and supporting the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals within the financial sector.