No concession for those who attacked the state, insulted martyrs

Islamabad, May 30, 2023 (PPI-OT): Saifuddin Sheikh, Executive Director of Pakistan Economy Watch (PEW) on Tuesday said that those who attacked the state and insulted martyrs for their petty political gains do not deserve any concession. The leaders who instigated the youth and planned the attacks should be tried in a military courts, he said. Saifuddin Sheikh said that the global establishment bet on the wrong horse to turn Pakistan-China friendship into enmity and impose an economic blockade on the friendly country, which doomed them to failure.

He said that the military leadership foiled this heinous conspiracy by taking timely action, for which they deserve all the praise. The business leader said that the desperate politician, who has caused irreparable damage to the country, is not responding to the charges of planning to roll back the nuclear programme which has exposed his reality to the public. He demanded that none of the military and political leadership should meet the head of gang who have become enemies of the country and should not be given any concession.

All the files of corruption worth billions of rupees should be opened without delay so that masses can see his real face, he added. He said that they have failed in their intended objectives, but if any concession is made from them, this process of harming country can continue in the future. The people are indebted to the Pakistan Army and the army is indebted to the people, and there is an unbreakable bond of trust between the two, which should further have strengthened, he said, adding that the people across the country are showing their love for the army which is not going down with some enemies.

The enemies of Pakistan have lost sanities due to the reaction of the people in favour of army, and they are now looking for new tactics to achieve their goals. Saifuddin Sheikh said that the previous government took a record foreign loan of fifty-two billion dollars in a few years, while a record was also set by taking loans worth Rs9136 billion from local sources. Despite the record debts, no development work was done, instead, all the capital was wasted, the purpose of which was to fill their coffers, bankrupt the country and weaken the army.

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