OGDCL Announces Major Gas and Condensate Discovery at Dars West Well #02 in Sindh

Karachi, The Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL) has achieved a significant breakthrough in its aggressive exploration strategy with a major gas and condensate discovery at Dars West Well #02 in the Tando Allah Yar district of Sindh province. This discovery marks a notable success in Pakistan's energy sector.

According to Oil and Gas Development Company Limited, the exploration at Dars West Well #02 was a part of the Dars West Development and Production Lease Joint Venture. OGDCL led the exploration as the operator, holding a 77.5% stake, while GHPL had a 22.5% carried interest. The well, reaching a depth of 2081 meters, targeted the Lower Goru Formation's "C" Sands, leading to the discovery.

The testing phase of the well revealed impressive production rates, with 8.51 Million Standard Cubic Feet per Day (MMSCFD) of gas and 360 Barrels Per Day (BPD) of condensate. These results were achieved through a 32/64" choke size at a Well Head Flowing Pressure of 1947 Pounds per Square Inch (PSI) from the Lower Goru C-Sand.

Mr. Ahmed Hayat Lak, MD/CEO of OGDCL, shared his satisfaction with this significant discovery, emphasizing the company's dedication to pioneering exploration for national energy security. He stated that this discovery not only bolsters OGDCL's hydrocarbon reserves but also plays a crucial role in enhancing Pakistan's energy security and economic growth.

This successful discovery at Dars West Well #02 is a testament to OGDCL's commitment to its exploration strategy and technical expertise, contributing substantially to the country's energy resources.