Pakistan Cracks Down on Electricity Theft, Over 8,000 Caught in Fesco Region

Faisalabad, In a major operation mandated by the Government of Pakistan and the Ministry of Energy (Power Division), over 8,000 individuals have been apprehended for electricity theft in the Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (Fesco) region. The crackdown spans across eight districts, involving rigorous monitoring and enforcement actions that have led to substantial fines and the arrest of numerous offenders.

According to Faisalabad Electric Supply Company, this intensive campaign, led by Fesco's Chief Executive Engineer Hamad Amir, has been active for 248 days in six operational areas. Operations are conducted both during the day and night to curb the widespread issue. To date, the campaign has yielded significant results, with 8,018 culprits caught, and fines totaling over 77 lakh crore imposed. Additionally, 6,400 individuals have been arrested and legal actions initiated against 7,892 offenders.

The recovery efforts have also been notably successful, with Fesco reclaiming more than 59.78 million from these illegal activities. Specific areas within the Fesco region reported high numbers of violations. For instance, the Fesco First Circle issued over 1,900 detection notices and collected fines amounting to more than 19.85 million. In the Jhang Circle, 908 offenders were fined over 2698 thousand detection units, accumulating fines worth more than 966 million.

Similarly, in the Sargodha and Mianwali circles, fines imposed were substantial, highlighting the extensive nature of the crackdown. In Sargodha, 1,172 individuals faced fines totaling more than 12 crore 85 lakh, whereas in Mianwali, 2,047 offenders were penalized heavily, resulting in fines exceeding 1967 million.

This ongoing operation underscores the government's stern stance against electricity theft, aiming to ensure compliance and reduce losses in the energy sector.