Pakistan Stock Exchange Shows Robust Growth in Market Capitalization Over Six Months

Karachi, The Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSE) has demonstrated significant growth in market capitalization over the last six months, with the Main Board Data revealing a consistent upward trend in both the KSE 100 and All Share Indexes. In October, the market capitalization stood at 7,551,772.884 million Rs., gradually increasing to 9,447,694.312 million Rs. by March. This growth is accompanied by an increase in the turnover of shares, both in the ready and future contracts, indicating heightened trading activity and investor confidence.

October Sees Modest Start to Trading Season In October, the PSE reported a listed capital of 1,653,218.018 million Rs., with a market capitalization of 7,551,772.884 million Rs. The turnover of shares in the ready market was 8,404.818 million, with future contracts at 2,531.777 million. The KSE 100 Index was at 51,920.270, while the All Share Index stood at 34,558.220, setting a positive tone for the trading season.