PCBDDA Advances Urban Development with Walton Road and Flyover Projects

Lahore, The Punjab Central Business District Development Authority (PCBDDA) is making significant strides in urban development through the Walton Road Upgradation and the construction of Walton Railway Crossing Flyovers.

According to Zameen.Com, PCBDDA CEO Imran Amin chaired a review meeting to assess the progress of these key infrastructure projects. The meeting underscored the authority’s commitment to enhancing Lahore’s urban landscape, with substantial advancements reported in both the Walton Road Upgradation and the Walton Railway Crossing Flyovers projects.

The update from the meeting revealed that the construction of the Ishaq Shaheed Flyover, part of the Walton Road initiative, has seen the completion of all six piers and two abutment walls. Work on shuttering and steel fixing is currently underway. Additionally, the remodelling of ADA Nullah has made significant progress, with 70% of steel fixing completed and roadwork initiated.

In terms of the Walton Railway Crossing Flyovers, the project has progressed with the asphalt being laid up to the MSC wall slope and girders installed for one section. These developments mark important milestones in the PCBDDA’s efforts to improve transportation efficiency and urban connectivity in Lahore.

The review meeting was attended by key PCBDDA executives, including Executive Director Technical Asif Iqbal, Director Project Management Sameer Aftab Sial, Director Architecture and Planning Asif Babar, Director Construction, as well as representatives from NESPAK and NLC, indicating a collaborative effort in driving these infrastructure projects forward.