PSE Main Board Marks Consistent Growth Over Last Six Months

Karachi: Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSE) has reported significant growth in market capitalization and turnover of shares on its Main Board over the last six months, with notable increments in the KSE 100 and All Share Indexes.

In May, the PSE's listed capital was recorded at Rs. 1,600,818.262 million, while market capitalization reached Rs. 6,277,073.657 million. The turnover of shares marked at 4,032.902 million for ready shares and 1,546.588 million for future contracts. The KSE 100 Index was at 41,330.560, with the All Share Index at 27,703.240.

June observed a slight decrease in turnover with ready shares at 3,902.820 million and futures at 1,565.686 million. Despite this, market capitalization increased to Rs. 6,369,472.636 million. The KSE 100 Index saw a marginal rise to 41,452.690, while the All Share Index increased to 28,111.030.

July's figures surged, with the listed capital reaching Rs. 1,628,368.120 million and market capitalization soaring to Rs. 7,231,764.255 million. The turnover of shares peaked with ready shares at 7,984.831 million and futures at 2,501.287 million. The indices experienced significant growth, with the KSE 100 at 48,034.600 and the All Share Index at 32,027.290.

August reported a decrease in listed capital to Rs. 1,629,437.234 million but market capitalization remained robust at Rs. 6,715,880.490 million. Share turnover was high with ready shares at 6,814.516 million and futures at 2,511.124 million. The KSE 100 Index stood at 45,002.420, with the All Share Index slightly down to 30,041.970.

In September, the listed capital slightly increased to Rs. 1,637,300.480 million, and market capitalization was at Rs. 6,885,570.255 million. Turnover of shares saw a dip with ready shares at 3,447.734 million and futures at 1,621.924 million. The KSE 100 Index dropped to 46,232.590, with the All Share Index at 31,158.710.

October closed with the highest increases across the board for the period. Listed capital reached Rs. 1,653,218.018 million, and market capitalization climbed to Rs. 7,551,772.884 million. Share turnover for ready shares hit 8,404.818 million and futures at 2,531.777 million. The KSE 100 Index reached an impressive 51,920.270, with the All Share Index at its peak of 34,558.220.