Salaam Takaful and CDC Partner to Enhance Insurance Information Sharing in Pakistan

Karachi, In a significant development for Pakistan's insurance sector, Salaam Family Takaful Limited (SFTL), Pakistan’s first digital Islamic insurer, has partnered with the Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited (CDC) to join the Centralized Information Sharing Solution for the Insurance Industry (CISSII) and Centralized Insurance Repository (CIR). These platforms are designed to enhance transparency and efficiency across the insurance industry by facilitating the sharing of critical policy-related information.

According to Salaam Takaful, the agreement, signed by SFTL CEO Mr. Rizwan Hussain and CDC CEO Mr. Badiuddin Akber, marks a milestone in leveraging digital solutions to bolster the growth and development of the insurance sector in line with global digitalization trends. The CISSII, initiated by CDC in April 2014, and the CIR, launched in 2020, aim to streamline information sharing among industry players, thereby improving risk management and easing business operations. This collaboration reflects SFTL's commitment to supporting initiatives that enhance business transparency and facilitate ease of doing business, contributing to the overall health of the national economy.