Saudia Introduces “Saudi Coffee Cup” Initiative to Celebrate Regional Heritage

Jeddah: In a unique blend of cultural tribute and hospitality, Saudia, the national airline of Saudi Arabia, has partnered with the Culinary Arts Commission under the Ministry of Culture to launch the "Saudi Coffee Cup" initiative. This new offering features a collection of handcrafted cups, each designed to reflect the distinct heritage of Saudi Arabia’s main regions, and will be presented to business class passengers along with traditional Saudi coffee and dates.

According to Saudia Airlines, the initiative showcases five unique cup designs that symbolize the diverse landscapes and cultural elements of the country. Each design is thoughtfully crafted to represent the traditional and natural aesthetics of the regions: the central region features motifs of clay buildings and palm trees; the western region highlights the Taifi rose and seashells; the eastern region is adorned with Calligonum Al Arta, reflecting its unique flora; the northern region showcases olive trees; and the southern region boasts Assiri patterns.

Starting July 7, 2024, these culturally rich cups will be offered to guests on select routes, with plans to extend the service to all flights thereafter. This initiative is part of Saudia’s broader strategy to enhance the onboard experience by integrating elements of the national identity and culture. It also builds on the airline’s ongoing collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, highlighting its role in promoting Saudi heritage and supporting significant cultural events.