Sindh CM Directs Acceleration of Malir Expressway Project Amid Delays

Karachi, Syed Murad Ali Shah, the Chief Minister of Sindh, has intensified efforts to overcome the operational challenges hindering the progress of the Malir Expressway project. During his latest review, he ordered the swift removal of bottlenecks, including utility relocations and encroachments that have delayed the project's timeline.

According to Zameen.Com, the Chief Minister's inspection revealed varied progress across different segments of the expressway, with Segment-I from Korangi to Quaidabad nearly 70% complete, while Segment-II from Quaidabad to Kathore lagging behind at 30%. The expressway, spanning 38.661 kilometers from Jam Sadiq Bridge to Kathore at M-9, is designed to feature six lanes and six interchanges.

The inspection highlighted specific delays caused by K-Electric and the Sui Gas Company, which have yet to relocate certain installations that interfere with the expressway's construction. The Chief Minister specifically addressed the need for K-Electric to shift its High-Tension Line at Jam Sadiq to facilitate the expressway’s connectivity.

Further compounding the project's challenges are issues of land encroachment. Shah has tasked the Deputy Commissioner of Malir with addressing these issues promptly to avoid further delays. The expressway, once completed, is expected to significantly ease traffic congestion and improve connectivity within the region, aligning with the city’s broader transportation infrastructure goals.

The Chief Minister reiterated the importance of meeting the projected 26-month completion timeline to ensure that the benefits of the expressway can be realized as soon as possible.