TikTok Intensifies Community Guidelines Enforcement, Removes Millions of Videos in Q4 2023

Karachi, TikTok has disclosed details of its Community Guidelines Enforcement Report for the fourth quarter of 2023, showcasing the platform’s effort to maintain a safe and positive environment for its global user base.

According to TikTok, during the last quarter of 2023, the platform removed 176,461,963 videos worldwide, which constitutes approximately 1.0% of all uploaded content. This action was part of TikTok's commitment to its community guidelines, aimed at fostering a safe and inclusive online space. The report indicates a significant use of automated detection technologies, with 128,300,584 videos removed, and highlights the reinstatement of 8,038,106 videos after further review.

In Pakistan, TikTok took down 18,596,077 videos for guideline violations, emphasizing its dedication to curbing inappropriate content. The company also focused on eliminating spam, deleting numerous spam accounts and contents to ensure platform integrity.

The report reveals that 95.3% of guideline-breaching videos were removed within 24 hours of posting, and globally, 99.5% of such content was proactively removed by TikTok. Additionally, the platform enforced age compliance by deleting 19,848,855 accounts suspected to belong to users under the age of 13.

TikTok’s approach to community guideline enforcement is highlighted as thorough, applying consistent and fair measures across all content. With a combination of advanced technology and human oversight, the platform maintains efforts to provide a secure and authentic user experience. The release of the enforcement report, part of TikTok’s transparency initiative, reflects its ongoing commitment to platform safety and user trust.