Tower 21 Offers 15% Rental Yield in Lahore’s Gulberg District

Lahore, Tower 21, a new luxurious apartment complex in the Gulberg area of Lahore, presents a promising investment opportunity with a projected 15% rental yield on its commercial spaces and corporate offices. This high yield underscores the building's potential as a valuable asset in a prime location.

According to Zameen.Com, the complex’s strategic position in Gulberg III offers businesses a prestigious address in the heart of Lahore, contributing to the area’s ongoing development. The payment plan for Tower 21 is notably investor-friendly, requiring just a 30% down payment with the balance payable over 42 months, making it accessible for those looking to invest in prime commercial real estate.

Tower 21 rises 21 stories and includes three basement levels, redefining luxury living with a modern façade and comprehensive amenities such as health and recreation facilities, and an infinity pool. The design, inspired by minimalist Japanese architecture and executed by Designer East, positions Tower 21 as the tallest structure in Lahore, featuring private elevator access, concealed HVAC systems, and noise and weather-insulated windows.

The complex is conveniently located, with short drives to major landmarks like MM Alam Road and the Lahore Central Business District, adding to its appeal. For investors and businesses, Tower 21 not only offers luxury living spaces but also commercial outlets and smart office solutions, making it a premier spot in Lahore’s real estate market.