WASA Lahore to Transition to Solar Power Amid Rising Electricity Costs

Lahore, The Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) in Lahore has unveiled plans to shift its offices to solar power, a move aimed at countering the steep rise in electricity bills. This transition is part of the agency's effort to reduce its financial burden due to increasing energy costs.

According to Zameen.com, the decision was announced during a meeting on Saturday, where WASA Managing Director (MD) Ghufran Ahmad highlighted the critical need for the agency to adopt solar energy. This shift is seen as a necessary step to alleviate the financial strain caused by escalating electricity prices.

MD Ahmad stressed the importance of converting all WASA offices in Lahore to solar power, including the head office, directors' offices, executive engineers' offices, and SDOs. He has directed responsible officers to develop and submit a feasible proposal for this transition in the coming days.

The move by WASA Lahore represents a significant step towards sustainable energy use and cost-efficiency, aligning with broader environmental and economic objectives.