Businessmen Panel Splits Ahead of FPCCI Elections; New Progressive Faction Formed

Karachi: The ruling Businessmen's Panel (BMP) in the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) is grappling with a significant internal rift ahead of the upcoming elections. This split has resulted in the emergence of two factions, delivering a considerable setback to the BMP.

According to Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI),Internal discord has been brewing within the BMP for months, particularly among its Sindh leaders. A growing faction within the panel is reportedly pushing for the removal of BMP Chairman Anjum Nisar, exploiting his personal engagements to make unilateral decisions without the approval of the Core Committee. This bypassing of established processes has intensified the divide.

Attempts by BMP Secretary General Haji Ghulam Ali to mediate and resolve these differences have so far been unsuccessful. The ongoing factionalism within the BMP has raised concerns among Nisar's supporters about its potential negative impact on business activities.

In response to this internal turmoil, prominent members of BMP have announced the creation of a new group, the 'Businessmen Progressive Panel.' This group, comprising majority members with aligned views, is determined to participate actively in the FPCCI elections. Key figures leading this new faction include Khurram Ejaz, Shabbir Mansha Churra, Saquib Fayyaz Magoon, Adeel Siddiqui, and Haji Yasir.

The formation of the Businessmen Progressive Panel was officially declared in a recent members' meeting. The members collectively decided to shift the leadership focus to younger members, highlighting the importance of youth leadership over retirees in the panel.

The meeting, attended by 36 voters for the forthcoming FPCCI elections and numerous supporters, concluded with a strong resolve. The members pledged not to let Tariq Saeed's panel control their decisions and committed to freeing BMP from individuals they perceive as having capitalist and dictatorial tendencies.

Former FPCCI Vice President Khurram Ijaz and Adeel Siddiqui were appointed as coordinators during the meeting. They have been empowered to nominate additional candidates for the FPCCI elections after consulting with other group members and are responsible for announcing these names and preparing for the elections.