Currency Exchange Rates Fluctuate Slightly Over Weekend in Pakistan

Karachi, The currency exchange rates in Pakistan saw minor fluctuations over the weekend, as per the latest data released by the Exchange Companies Association of Pakistan. The US dollar, Euro, and British Pound showed slight changes in their buying and selling rates between May 6 and May 7, 2024.

According to Exchange Companies Association of Pakistan, the US dollar was bought for 276.73 PKR and sold for 279.38 PKR on May 6, with a slight decrease to 276.41 PKR buying and 279.09 PKR selling on May 7. Similarly, the Euro held steady around 295.65 PKR for buying and 298.33 PKR for selling on May 6, with minor adjustments the following day. The British Pound increased marginally from 345.04 PKR to 345.22 PKR in buying rates and from 348.14 PKR to 348.37 PKR in selling rates from Saturday to Sunday.

Other currencies, including the Japanese Yen, UAE Dirham, and Saudi Riyal, also exhibited minimal changes. The Yen ranged between 1.76 PKR and 1.75 PKR for buying and remained stable at 1.80 PKR for selling. Both the Dirham and Riyal had slight adjustments in their rates, staying close to 75 PKR and 73 PKR respectively for buying and selling.

The Interbank rates for the US dollar remained stable with a minor decrease from 278.24 PKR to 278.12 PKR for buying and from 278.44 PKR to 278.32 PKR for selling over the course of the two days.

The subtle variations in exchange rates reflect ongoing adjustments in the global and domestic financial markets, impacting traders and businesses involved in international transactions.