DHA Bahawalpur Hosts Collaborative Session with Realtors and Dealers

Bahawalpur, The Defence Housing Authority (DHA) Bahawalpur recently organized an interactive session with its registered realtors and dealers, fostering a two-way communication platform to discuss updates and address concerns. The session, which took place on December 7, was detailed on the authority's official Facebook page.

According to Zameen.Com, the session was chaired by the Project Director of DHA Bahawalpur, Brig Muhammad Naveed Iqbal. It began with a focus on the development of city access, specifically discussing the installation of lights along the Yazman Access route. This part of the session highlighted the authority's commitment to improving infrastructure in the region.

Participants were also briefed on the latest developments in Orchard Enclave, a significant project in DHA Bahawalpur's portfolio. Additionally, the forum discussed the ongoing market conditions and underscored the importance of nationwide business meetups for the real estate sector.

A notable aspect of the forum was the active engagement of stakeholders. They not only shared their perspectives and insights but also contributed valuable suggestions for the project's advancement. Brig Muhammad Naveed Iqbal addressed various queries and concerns raised by the attendees, demonstrating an open and responsive approach to stakeholder engagement.

The participants expressed their appreciation for the rapid pace of development within DHA Bahawalpur projects. Brig Iqbal reaffirmed the organization's commitment to maintaining profitability for its investors and assured continued prioritization of stakeholder needs and concerns in future developments.