Karachi Press Club and Unilever Pakistan Forge Alliance for Climate Journalism Development

Karachi, The Karachi Press Club, in collaboration with Unilever Pakistan, organized an interactive session focusing on enhancing the capacity of Pakistani journalists in climate journalism. The event gathered prominent journalists to explore the complexities of reporting on climate change and its significance in influencing public perception and policy making.

According to Unilever Pakistan Limited, the session began with a presentation on Unilever's sustainability initiatives, designed to improve the lives of those connected to the company and exert a positive influence on the broader community. The discussion emphasized the need to clearly understand climate change, its consequences, and environmental degradation.

Afia Salam, a Media Development Specialist and Climate Change expert, stressed the importance of collaboration between the private and public sectors to give journalists access to precise and verifiable information, essential for accurate climate change reporting. Shoaib Ahmed, Secretary of the Karachi Press Club, underscored the importance of such discussions and offered the club's facilities for future events related to climate journalism.

Fatima Arshad, Head of Sustainability at Unilever Pakistan, highlighted the perpetual nature of climate change and the necessity for continuous disaster management strategies to ensure resilience and preparedness across various life aspects, including food security and natural ecosystems.

The partnership between Unilever Pakistan and the Karachi Press Club aims to hold more sessions to foster climate action solutions and involve industry leaders for a more significant effect.