Lahore’s Walton Road Undergoes Major Revamp for Improved Infrastructure and Drainage

Lahore, Walton Road in Lahore is set for a significant overhaul, with a focus on improving infrastructure, drainage, and traffic flow along its 18-kilometer stretch from Walton airport to Hadiara drain. This major project aims to address long-standing issues of pollution and flooding, particularly in the rainy season, and is part of a broader initiative to enhance the city's infrastructure.

According to Zameen.Com, the central aspect of this project is the comprehensive revamping of the Airport Drainage Authority (ADA) drain, which runs parallel to Walton Road. Over the years, this drain has been burdened with sewage water from various localities, leading to pollution and flooding issues in areas including Askari, Bedian, Cavalry Ground, Walton, and Falcon Colony. Originally designed for 80 cusecs of rainwater, the ADA drain's capacity will be doubled to 160 cusecs as part of this project, which is expected to cater to the city's needs for the next 50 years.

Riaz Hussain, CBD Executive Director Technical, detailed that the project involves separating sewerage lines from the ADA drain. In addition to increasing the drain's capacity, it will be covered with concrete slabs, and a greenbelt will be developed on top, significantly enhancing the road's aesthetic appeal.

The Walton Road transformation project, initiated by the Central Business District (CBD) Punjab, will see the road become a signal-free corridor with three lanes on each side. The plan includes a 15-foot green belt and a 40-foot service lane. To ensure the convenience and safety of both pedestrians and vehicles, the project will feature three pedestrian underpasses, two overhead crossings, and three elevated U-turns.