Mobilink Bank Leads Nationwide Plantation Drive to Combat Climate Change

Islamabad, Mobilink Bank initiated a nationwide plantation drive on April 22, 2024, planting around 5,000 saplings across Pakistan. This effort is part of the bank’s broader commitment to combat climate change and enhance forest cover, reflecting its dedication to corporate social responsibility.

According to Mobilink Bank, the "Change to Sustain" Climate Action Program aims to foster a sustainable environment and protect Pakistan from the adverse effects of climate change. The drive saw participation not only from Mobilink Bank’s 109 branches but also from senior officials of the district administration, the State Bank of Pakistan, educators, and civil society members. This collective effort underscored the community's commitment to environmental protection and the improvement of air quality.

Haaris Mahmood Chaudhary, Chief Operating Officer of Mobilink Bank, highlighted the significance of the initiative, noting that Pakistan ranks among the top eight countries most affected by climate change. He emphasized that the drive supports critical safeguards to protect vulnerable communities, particularly women, by fostering resilience against environmental threats.

Mobilink Bank, a member of the VEON group, underscores the importance of internal cultural shifts towards sustainability, encouraging employees to adopt eco-conscious practices that extend beyond the workplace into their daily lives.