Pakistan Stock Exchange Witnesses Mixed Movements in Key Indices and Market Metrics

Karachi, In a recent update to the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSE), the market exhibited mixed movements across its major indices and other key market metrics. The exchange, which includes a total of 524 listed companies, showed a varied performance in terms of market capitalisation, traded volume, and value, alongside the performance of its indices.

The Main Board of the PSE reported a market capitalisation of 9,447,694,311,848 with a traded volume of 313,035,305 and a traded value of 9,899,156,862. The market dynamics showed 136 advancers against 188 decliners, with 19 stocks remaining neutral out of a total of 343.

In contrast, the GEM Board, a separate segment of the market, did not provide specific figures for its performance but is included in the overall market data of the Main Board.

The debt securities sector of the PSE saw 13 publicly issued debt securities with a total issue size of 60,000,000,000, while the privately placed debt securities had 23 listings totaling 513,013,300,000 in issue size. Additionally, the market hosts 8 listed ETFs.

A closer look at the indices reveals a mixed bag of results. The KSE-100 index, a major market indicator, decreased by 137.01 points, marking a -0.20 percent change, settling at 67,005.11. The KSE-ALL Shares Index, however, moved in the opposite direction, recording a gain of 92.55 points or a 0.21 percent increase, ending at 44,562.88. Other indices such as the KSE-30, KMI-30, and OGTi also witnessed declines, contrasting with minor gains in the BKTi and PSX-KMI-All-Shares indices.

These movements reflect the ongoing volatility and diverse performance across different sectors and indices of the Pakistan Stock Exchange, presenting a complex landscape for investors and market watchers.