PCJCCI Expresses Solidarity with China Following Attack on Nationals in Dasu Project

Lahore, The Pakistan China Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCJCCI) has publicly expressed its solidarity with China after a terrorist attack at the Dasu Hydropower project site resulted in the death of five Chinese citizens. The chamber extended condolences to the Chinese Consul General, Zhao Shiren, emphasizing the bond between the two nations and pledging continued support to enhance safety for Chinese personnel in Pakistan.

According to Pakistan China Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry, PCJCCI President Moazzam Ghurki affirmed the organization's support for the families of the deceased and underscored ongoing collaborative efforts with China to bolster security measures. The Pakistani government has committed to a thorough investigation of the incident, with promises to keep stakeholders informed and to fortify protection for Chinese workers, their projects, and institutions in the country.

Fang Yulong, Senior Vice President of PCJCCI, expressed China's firm backing of Pakistan in combating terrorism. He emphasized the strength of the Pakistan-China partnership, stating that attempts to disrupt this alliance would not prevail. The attack, seen as an effort to sow discord between the two "iron brothers," has been condemned as an action against their enduring friendship and cooperation.

Vice President Hamza Khalid highlighted the attack as a direct affront to the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), a project often targeted by adversaries. Khalid assured that such attempts would not deter their mission and vowed a continued strong stance against terrorism.

Salahuddin Hanif, Secretary General of PCJCCI, called for a reaffirmation of support to China, reflecting on the historical solidarity received from China during challenging times faced by Pakistan.

The incident has brought to the forefront the critical importance of security for international projects in Pakistan, with the PCJCCI at the helm advocating for reinforced measures and stronger bilateral ties to counteract the threats posed by terrorism.