Sindh Announces New Industrialization Efforts to Boost Economy and Attract Investors

Karachi, The Sindh government has unveiled a comprehensive industrialization strategy designed to stimulate economic growth and attract foreign investment by establishing new industrial zones, with a focus on Karachi. This initiative aims to bolster the local economy by creating job opportunities and enhancing industrial activities.

According to Zameen.Com, the Minister for Industries and Commerce, Jam Ikramullah Dharejo, highlighted that new industrial zones are being scoped out in various locations, including Port Qasim. The plan includes a significant allocation of funds in the Annual Development Plan (ADP) to develop the infrastructure necessary for supporting seven industrial zones in Karachi. This development is intended to assist existing industrialists in the province and streamline their operations through the implementation of one-window operations to quickly address their concerns.

Stakeholders have advocated for the establishment of an industrial belt across Sindh, emphasizing the potential broad economic benefits. The government’s strategy is geared towards making the region more appealing to investors, thereby generating employment and driving broader economic growth.