United Business Group Vows to Strengthen Pakistan’s Economy at Karachi Power Show

Karachi, In a major gathering focused on Pakistan's economic development, leaders from the United Business Group (UBG) and other prominent figures addressed the challenges and opportunities facing the nation. The event, held in Karachi, brought together key stakeholders in Pakistan's economic arena, emphasizing the need for unity and strategic action to overcome current economic difficulties.

According to United Business Group, the event served as a platform for discussing the critical economic state of Pakistan and the potential role of UBG in navigating these challenges. Sindh Governor Muhammad Kamran Khan Tesori highlighted the historical sacrifices made for Pakistan, stressing the significance of Karachi as the country's economic engine. He urged a collective effort to alleviate poverty and address the economic crisis with a unified approach.

Balochistan Governor Abdul Wali Kakar praised UBG's past leadership performance, expressing hope for continued efforts to resolve economic issues. He emphasized the importance of utilizing Balochistan's resources for provincial and national economic stability.

SM Tanveer, UBG Patron-in-Chief and Caretaker Minister of Punjab, reflected on UBG's growth and its potential to guide the economy in the right direction. He projected a hopeful future for the country, especially for the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI).

Other speakers, including Atif Ikram Sheikh, UBG's joint presidential candidate for the FPCCI election, called for mutual cooperation to tackle the country's economic problems. They emphasized the need for unity among business classes to transform the nation's economic fate.

Mohammad Hanif Gohar, UBG Secretary General (Sindh Region), commended UBG's practical approach to economic challenges, expressing confidence in the group's ability to lead effectively in the upcoming elections.

The event, hosted by prominent businessman Hamza Tabani, saw the participation of leading industrialists and FPCCI voters, underscoring the widespread recognition of UBG's role in Pakistan's economic development.