Atlas Money Market Fund’s Stability Rating Retained by PACRA, Showcasing Low Risk Tendencies

Lahore, The Pakistan Credit Rating Agency Limited (PACRA) has reiterated the stability rating of the Atlas Money Market Fund, an embodiment of a low-risk investment approach. The core purpose of the Fund revolves around delivering a consistent income flow while safeguarding the principal amount, achieved by directing investments predominantly towards AA and above-rated banks and short-term Government Securities. The assigned rating accentuates the Fund's robust credit and interest rate risk profile, nurtured by its investment philosophies.

As of June 2023, the Fund's portfolio composition was spread across ~70.96% in T Bills, a modest ~0.81% in banks, ~12.6% in PIBs, and ~8.44% in Short Term Sukuk, with the remaining funds steered into other avenues. The Fund's WAM was pegged at 52 days, thereby attenuating its exposure to credit risk, and its Duration was recorded at 49 days, further diminishing its vulnerability to interest rate oscillations. Additionally, the Fund's asset concentration among the top 10 investors was approximated at ~62.4%, indicating a muted redemption pressure. Crucially, any potential alterations in the Fund's asset allocation approach, which might recalibrate its credit quality or interest rate risk stance, would be pivotal in reshaping its future rating. This information was sourced from the Pakistan Credit Rating Agency Limited.