Foodpanda Launches ‘Panda Hearts’ to Enhance Delivery Partner Experience in Pakistan

Islamabad: Foodpanda has introduced 'panda hearts', a comprehensive program designed to improve working conditions for its delivery partners by focusing on safety, well-being, personal development, community, and welfare perks. This initiative reflects the company's dedication to supporting its workforce amidst the increasing prevalence of gig work.

According to Foodpanda, 'panda hearts' serves as a central hub for both new and existing welfare and engagement initiatives aimed at empowering delivery partners. Muntaqa Peracha, CEO of Foodpanda, emphasized the importance of enhancing support for these "frontline heroes," stating, "Through 'panda hearts', we aim to build a strong community of partners who feel valued and empowered to succeed." The program includes health screenings, mental health support, insurance, safety training, upskilling courses, financial literacy workshops, and more.

The initiative also offers practical benefits such as fuel subsidies, supermarket vouchers, and discounts on essential services, which collectively aim to alleviate the cost of living for delivery partners. Additionally, Foodpanda collaborates with local traffic police in Sindh and Punjab to conduct road safety awareness sessions, further prioritizing the safety and welfare of its delivery personnel.

With 'panda hearts', Foodpanda continues to transform the food delivery landscape in Pakistan, providing a supportive platform where delivery partners from diverse backgrounds can thrive and achieve success.